• Holly Brown

Scott Duffy – Professional Practice

Scott Duffy is a Graphic Designer that also once went to Chester University. He now lives in Liverpool creating food packaging for ‘listen.’ Whilst showing his work, I was amazed by the range of styles he covered in his final products. After leaving university he decided to learn coding to help him make his own websites instead of paying someone else, which intern got him his first job coding for a graphic designer’s business. Whilst at work Scott found himself in a situation where he thought he could help someone with his artistic style and after that Scott was no longer focused on coding and electronics but working alongside the artists in the company.

Whilst listening to Scott talk about his journey in the art world after university, it really struck me that confidence and intuition will help a lot along the work to be a success. Scott Duffy also joined a printing group in Liverpool, where he met his wife and business partners. They created a business called ‘Toucan Tango’ and started creating prints and gift cards and selling them online and too small business’ around the uk. The most renown pieces of art I loved by Scott where his gig posters he has created for many well-known artists, he started off creating posters for his friends band, and then went on to message bigger bands for the opportunity to design for them. His journey to where he is today really inspired me to be ambitious and believe anything is possible with art and doing different small business ideas is a great way of having more creative ideas instead of just being inspired of Pinterest.

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