• Holly Brown

Roxy – character Design. Creative Design practice

This character wasn’t initially for anything, just a late night doodle. But the outcome made me want to create a new character in my comics, which would be ‘The Evolvers’ sidekick or tech nerd. The Evolvers are team made by a higher government power, but Roxy is a friend of Ivy and also comes into play to help the team out. She has the same badass vibe like Ivy which is why I though it would work if they were best friends, also works great because I only have one female role, and with two I could focus more on stories or scenarios based on female perspective. I’m currently working on a piece with roxy hunched over a laptop to put her in a environment she’ll be known for, hacking and tech wiz. in my beginning sketches of Ivy I introduced a red strip on her face, like the one on Roxy’s but ended up going for a complete red skin tone. whilst I was creating Roxy I didn’t even think about this bit I clearly wanted to put this idea on someone and I think it works great on Roxy. I was also introduced to ‘Tank Girl’ by my tutor which I’d never head of before and then realised its the same artis as the Gorillaz art Jamie Hewlett, who is such an inspiration towards my style with his modern street style illustrations.

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