• Holly Brown



Description for remedy: A medicine or treatment for a disease or injury.


Create a remedy for dickheads/ block out bullshit

Make the golden rule cool again

Ancient Egyptian remedies

A cure, home remedy?

Remedies to help people be a better person

Third eye meditation

Self love magazine

Sex / love / relationships

The remedy for a broken heart/ happiness/ anxiety/

App that is you’re diary, meditation programs, horoscope.

Music that soothes the soul

My first idea was to create a book filled with quotes from influential people along side a illustration, I did a few pages until I decided it wasn’t working for me

I decided to create magazine cover for woman – focusing on mental health and empowering woman, hence why I chose to put a naked illustration of the front cover. I did this because there are so many magazines for men with naked woman on the front which seems so bizarre as most of these magazines are so objectification towards woman not empowerment. Therefore I wanted to create a magazine that was just as sexy but for a woman.

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