• Holly Brown

Public Convenience


Like our first brief we were given the challenge to find something interesting about the title ‘Public Convenience’, which at first seemed challenging as the first thing that came up online was a public toilet, and I didn’t want to be designing a new toilet.

I looked a different terms people use such as privy, powder room the gents.

‘Are you a public offender of the public convenience’ was a phrase I thought could make a intriguing image to say the least. But I was adamant I didn’t want to take the toilet route.

Then thinking about my own interests that come from the future, AI, aliens and the world path I had an idea to create a long landscape image of the history of earth until robots take over in a collage style. I also like the idea of it being a traditional painting style like painting seen in historical cathedrals. 

Definition of Convenience: The state of being able to proceed with something without difficulty.

I thought what could be convenient for everyone ?

My first thought was public Convenience being everyone having manners and being nice people but I though that was a bit of a stretch.


Chip that allows you to access all information- google chip

Everything in one place

Prices cheaper

My final idea

A futurist piece where we see a human use technology that allows them to see the future, a Ai (robot ruled) future.

I wanted to create this using bold colours, keeping my style.

The project then turned into a more a extra-terrestrial styled illustration, that I really enjoyed creating giving me big Rick and Morty style vibes.

For my final hand in I decided to create two posters using this portal figure being the main object.

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