• Holly Brown

Opening Statement

I am a BA Graphic Design student at the university of Chester currently about to Finnish my third year. I mainly work in the median of digital art focusing on illustration and animation pieces.

Throughout these three years, I have focused on a bold, bright colours consistently, taking my love for distortion and turning it into a different element throughout my work. Since being introduced to Daniel Clowes in my teenage years I have been fascinated by the grotesque and intrusive Stories he tells. Whilst also having a huge love for Adult cartoons shows, my work has progressed along side the research into this department as one of my essays for my final year.

Over these years I have worked with a lot of different mediums. I started my first year exhibition with vinyls records, painted over with a unique abstract portrait and my chosen songs, printed in the centre. This topic was chosen from my love of album artwork and music that has influenced my childhood. In the second year, I worked on a larger scale piece, focusing around mental health. The exhibition work was made up of a A1 image of a persons brain filled up with different interests and memories, and on the side table were postcard sized replica images but with blank brains, for people to add their thoughts and worries etc, as a outlet. I love creating art pieces about mental health because I know what the repercussions can be if it isn’t spoke about. Unfortunately because of COVID-19 nobody got to see my exhibition work, other than a online art gallery that had been created.

I have spent many days during these years, thinking about what lies in my future and what I’d like to accomplish with this degree. I have loved the freedom on this course allowing me to understand my style and my passions in the industry. Being experimental with different mediums has made me think in different ways to create certain outcomes and the decisions within my art. My ambition is to eventually become a animator, and have my own production.

After finishing my degree I am planning on doing freelance work for a year, save up and travel the world. This is for my own benefit as I have always had a passion for travelling but also to get as much culture and life experiences behind me. This will help my art bloom and give me a real sense of universal art.

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