• Holly Brown

Opening statement

Throughout my 3 year graphic design degree I find myself creating predominantly digital art , focussing on character design and illustrations. My styles has developed dramatically from first to third year, after studying different artist like Mike Mignola and Jamie Hewlett. In my last year I focused on creating a book, detailed with characters, and story telling. I found this project fulfilling and allowed me to create my own world and explore my styles. Currently now I am focusing on character designs, and selling commissions. I hope to do this thought the coming year and either start a ship of get further education in animation or comic designs. I can create different styles in characters which I find sometimes confusing but I don’t want to restrain myself to only drawing in one style. For my future I need to grow an audience online and make connections in the art community. I also plan to create my own workshop at home for the time being to reduce costs and be more self sufficient and not rely on printing companies. I am excited about the future and where my career takes me.

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