• Holly Brown

My inspirations in Art

My artwork can be very vague, and character orientated because it is my favourite thing to draw, faces, eyes, character. I’m very invested in our civilisation and how we can improve our ways. Everyone is aware of the problems with global warming, famine, plastic pollution, creating more sustainable energy and creating social media a safe place (the list goes on). And i would love to make a change to the work and create more current topical Controversial pieces, but i also cannot let it bring me down and ruin my mood everyday. I need to find a balance of turning my art into influential things for people. Maybe massages about self worth or treating people kindly. I do also think that my audience i have got on Instagram all ready know these messages and i would be preaching to the converted, I don’t want to make art for people who don’t appreciate the true meaning of life and enjoy it. Maybe its my naive mindset believing everyone can find happiness, i just think if you can choose to say bad things about people you can choose to say good things too. Mindset. I understand loss, I’ve seen how it changes people, but i have come out on the bright side appropriating life instead of striking it down.

I have this dream in the back of my head that one day ill be at my own animation premiere and watch everyone laughing in joy at my work, and that motivates me. I love music, to collab with a band and create artwork for them would be amazing .

Some of my creative inspirations are Jamie Hewlett, Mike Mignola, Duncan Trussel. Their most renown work for me would be

Jamie Hewlett : Gorilaz , Tank Girl

Mike Mignola : HellBoy, Disney Lost City of Atlantic

Duncan Trussel : The Midnight Gospel

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