• Holly Brown

Medi’s Family. Character Development- Creative Design Practice

After creating my main characters, I thought I could create a more in-depth persona of them by adding family members and their home environment. Creating Medi the chameleon sparked the entirety of ‘The Evolers’ comic. I also love drawing him in different situations and find chameleons too adorable, so it was in my best intentions to draw his parents. I also wanted Medi to be a only child with elderly parents, because with him knowledge on mechanics and creating weapons I wanted his parents to see cluelessly his life and think he is a dumb little chameleon that doesn’t amount to much.

After drawing this I was so proud I called it my ‘pride and joy’, and that phrase really sat well for possible character names. In Japanese pride is pronounced as ‘Hokori’ and Joy is ‘Yorokobi’. These could be possible names for my characters, or maybe creating nicknames for them from this. I kept a simple colour palate for these two characters and added some details to make them different from Medis simple characteristics, giving the fathers a quiff and bushy eyebrows, and the mum scales on her head with some long lashes. These simple additions capture their persona much easier.

For their home, I created a landscape where they live in trees in a big community, with neighbours close by. I created this sort of community because I want Media home life to come across as simplistic and working together as a community, and Medi being an outcast and wanting more from his life. After leaving his home to be in-prisoned , Medi left his family. But with Medi now working for the intergalactic force he has the possibility to see his family again, the only reason he agreed to be apart of ‘The Evolvers’.

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