• Holly Brown

Frankenstein Brief


Today I was given a new brief called ‘Frankenstein’, firstly we had to research into Frankenstein and find something interesting about the title. I had already heard a strange story about the Female Author that wrote the novel, that she carried her lovers heart in a jar. The novel was also written by a teenage.

Once we had all shared our information we found we had to start brainstorming ideas that could fall under any graphic design job.

Brand, logo, merchandise, magazines, animation, poster,informational work, event etc.

My ideas:

Frankenstein’s Petz – toys that come apart

FrankenStyle – clothing brand

Frank to my stein – Dating App for Alternative people


After spending a week doing more research into my ideas, I had chosen Frankenstein’s Petz for my final idea. My first ideas for the toys looked like so.

After drawing my initial ideas down I had to think about different elements that I might want to include, whether I wanted my teddies to be informative and have facts about the animals on a tag, give them all separate unique names, packaging, what might encourage my audience to interact with my product.

Digital adaptions of the different animal parts.

Full body teddies as they would be sold:

Packaging :

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