• Holly Brown

Final Statement

After graduation, I am going to focus on creating a presence on social media, interacting with the art community more and participating in competitions. I find the competitions help start creativity when it is down as it gives me something to draw instead of having to creat e a whole concept myself. In my course I have learnt to take a small concept such as a few random worlds and turn it into artwork and it has given the best out comes, this was my first module in year three and it really sparked creativity and was a great lesson to start off the year, I hope to take this aspect of university with me to have a diverse style and allow me to fit many jobs. Once I graduate I will either take a year to create a bigger portfolio and hopefully have commissions on the side, or do a masters in animation or concept art. By doing animation I feel it will allow me to get jobs that will suit my character design work but I’m also wary that it will be more programming and coding and effect my motivation for art. I am currently working on being designer in a clothing brand and seeing where that takes me will be eye opening to the business and audience. After studying how a business works I hope to understand this aspect of my work more accurately and not be confused by the process. My artwork has progressed greatly in the past 3 years after advice from tutors and learning from mistakes and studying different artists. My biggest realisation in the arts industry is that you should never stop learning, especially if it is on a subject you love, and to be privileged enough to be supported through my art evolution makes me want to continue and be an artist.

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