• Holly Brown

End of year summary

This year in university I have learnt various methods for producing graphics such as: print screening, digital edits, painting and outdoor resources. At the beginning of the year we were doing much more out of the box briefs and starter tasks, I think this was great because it helped me out mid way through the year to come up with different ideas and use different resources. I really enjoyed Gareth’s lessons doing visual communications because it was constantly outside the box briefs and being made to think differently, helped me create interesting pieces. I didn’t realise how much ground graphics covered and I was quite happy with how in each brief you can always add your own style and it’s very open to new ideas. All the tutors were great and helped out whenever I was stuck or lacking motivation. This years taught me how I need to constantly be doing drawings and doodles, and jotting down ideas, because once I get stuck in I really enjoy my work, it’s just the initial process of getting my work out. Next year I hope to research into more graphic designers that I use the same techniques as and explore into more work outside my comfort zone and I have a hope to create a 3D object in the second year to build up more techniques and skills I can show off in my portfolio. I’ve struggled with my time keeping this year as I’ve always had someone telling me I need to get work done, but this year I’ve had to be that person for myself. I like the responsibility but next year I’ll keep more of a schedule for each different class as I’d always focus on the work I enjoyed the most and leave the rest till last. I also want to use the techniques I used in visual communications in my text & image lessons as it makes my final pieces feel more creative and I’m much more proud of my work when. They are creatively driven instead of just trying to complete a brief.

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