• Holly Brown

Denise Courcoux – Professional Practice

Denise did a fine art and English Lit degree, and whilst in uni had a placement at the National Museums Liverpool helping with the painting prize for john Moores.

She spoke about different way to getting out into the art world, such as Volunteering and casual work. Whilst working at the Bluecoat art exhibition she was the gallery coordinator and exhibition officer. This role let her to booking in contractors, working with artists and partners and project management. Showing that one job can really lead to many more jobs in the role and learn vital skills on the way and also help you discover other passions.

After her degree she did a masters in art gallery & museum studies, this gave her professional practice opportunities and a specific direction to take her vocation.

Denise started off small, working in Nantwich and Port Sunlight Musums being the Museum manager / officer. She was looking after small independent museums at this point but it allowed her to gain more responsibility and experience what all the job roles were like including being responsible for collections, exhibitions, learning, events and volunteering.

She went on to work for the Wired Aerial Theatre on the ‘Curveball’ project, managing accounts, being company ambassador, taking booking and getting marketing experience.

Denise got a job in the science and industry museum working with big exhibitions and objects and learnt about structure of museums, managing contractors and smaller projects.

Denise now works at Tate Liverpool National Museum for modern and contemporary art, right back at her passion she started with in her degree. She went on a huge journey of discovery exploring different jobs in the Museum world and really followed her passion and stuck too it until she got her current amazing job. She is now in responsible for loans, collective swaps, shipping and packaging, insurance, environmental and security standards, location and movement control. But after all her experience and seeing how other museums work and function I’m sure it coming to her with ease. Hearing Denise made me realise how important work experience is and because of COVID I haven’t been able to get any, it just means i can do it in the future instead and have more knowledge behind me when i start and more confidence. Throughout my three years in university my art style has evolved and became more personal and my interests have been incorporated into my work and I’m thankful for that as if that hadn’t happen i may be still making art with no meaning or message.

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