• Holly Brown

Clay crafts – Creative Design Practice.

Whilst working on my comic strips, I decided to create some clay figures . I loved creating this but was saddened when it completely dried and caused some cracking on the head. I am currently thinking of different ways to fix the cracks either with filler or maybe papier-mâché if that were a possible combination with the clay. I, also am going to be creating canvas art work featuring my characters.

The clay dried quite rough, and formed cracks, i think this was because I didn’t have the clay thick enough in certain areas, such as the head. ( i used tinfoil for the skeleton and worked around that )

The finished look is very beginner friendly but i do love it still. I want to create more clay models in the future. It could potentially be my exhibition project as my original idea to create a 3D poster for The Evolvers might not be possible to create the outcome i want as it has a higher change of being a digital exhibit.

Overall I really enjoyed this mini project. I got my hands dirty and felt more creative compared to creating my digital art. I love the colours i chose and the freedom i had with it to use do many colours, being my character was a chameleon.

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