• Holly Brown

Callum Peters

The guest lecture Callum Peters, was an ex student from Chester university, so hearing his input was insightful. It was nice to hear that it isn’t always easy to get straight into the industry after graduating but to trust the progress and do not stress out.

After hearing this i realised it would be a good time to plan, life after university, which led me to buy a printer so I can be self sufficient and hopefully sell some prints after i finish all my uni work and have nothing to do. I don’t have a job lined up for after university which is not really a worry because i can always find as boring one and do art on the side. Or do a masters in illustration or character design, i would enjoy moving to a different place for a tear or so and meeting new people after spending all my university at home and didn’t really have a big uni experience in comparison to others that moved away.

My future job wont be in graphic design, because honestly I don’t feel capable enough, the technology wasn’t pushed to be learnt in university and because i went down a illustration route they pushed me in that direction ,which i am grateful for but i just feel a bit of a fraud to be graduating with graphics when it feels like it should be illustration. Hopefully my portfolio will show employers that i am capable of illustration without the specific degree.

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