• Holly Brown

Aimee Grundell – Professional Practice

Aimee Grundell is a graphic designer working for her self. Creating interior design, exhibitions, interactive art, signage, set designs and furniture. Her interactive project was 9 ladies dancing for Lotherton Hall, she spoke about how to create the finished piece it took a lot of experimentation. From taking ikea chairs apart to find a certain mechanism, and rebuilding the dancing ladies so that they wouldn’t break in the cold weathers throughout winter. Aimee’s project allowed people to press a button to hear a noise, the faster the spin becoming the brighter the doll will glow . The doll consisted engineering, object making skills and programming. Aimee’s style in interior design is vert modern and 2D, cresting wall prints to go in office spaces or show rooms to create a more alive set, add colour. I think this concept is a exceptional way to utilise design in big spaces. For my exhibition project i want to do a large wall piece, if aloud with COVID because i think art can be suppressed by the scale chosen and not enough art is on a big scale. Aimee has worked with bigger scales in other projects like her exhibition pieces by printing direct onto brushed metal. Adding to her list of accomplishments she has creating a group of signage all various design methods for different people and their companies.

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